0.625-Scale Phase I.1 Test: Seismic Test of Self-Centering CLT Shear Wall with Floor Diaphragm and Gravity Load System

The NSF project entitled: Collaborative Research: Development and Validation of A Resilience-based Seismic Design Methodology for Tall Wood Buildings is currently conducting a 0.625-scale seismic test using the NHERI Lehigh Experimental Facility at the Advanced Technology for Large Structural Systems (ATLSS) Engineering Research Center to investigate the behavior of SC-CLT walls and their interaction with a CLT floor diaphragm and glulam gravity load system under multi-directional lateral loading.

Conventional cross-laminated timber (CLT) construction can deliver collapse prevention performance but with the potential for significant damage during large earthquakes. A seismically resilient structural system for tall wood buildings can be achieved using self-centering (SC) rocking post-tensioned CLT structural walls (SC-CLT walls). Deformation and extent of damage in other building components that do not rock i.e., floor diaphragm, collector beams, gravity load system and non-structural walls need to be considered under lateral loading.

Lehigh University is collaborating with the NHERI Tallwood team, with the support from Smartlam, Western Structures, Simpson Strong-Tie, Kpff and Lever Architecture to gather data for developing a resilience-based seismic design methodology for tall wood buildings, which will eventually lead to a validation test of a full-scale 10-story tall wood building at NHERI@UCSD in 2020.

The current test is the first phase of the experimental program led by Lehigh University which focuses on the investigation of the limit states of coupled SC-CLT wall under in-plane quasi-static lateral loading. The collector-beam-to-CLT-wall connection do not transfer vertical forces to the walls and relative displacements between collector beams and SC-CLT wall, that might affect the behavior of the SC-CLT wall under lateral loading, are free to occur.

Testing takes place Monday, June 10 and Tuesday June 11. Below is the Live Stream.


Please note that due to the investigative nature of the test, testing time may be adjusted during the day without prior notice.

If you have any questions, please contact:

James Ricles (Principal Investigator), jmr5@lehigh.edu

Richard Sause (Co- Principal Investigator), rsause@lehigh.edu