Equipment Portfolio

The Lehigh EF has the capabilities to perform real-time testing using the effective force method, pseudo-dynamic testing method, or the pseudo-dynamic hybrid testing method for the testing of large-scale structural components, structural sub-assemblages, and super-assemblages under earthquake excitations. The laboratory includes a strong floor that measures 31.1m x 15.2 m in plan, and reaction walls up to 15.2 m in height. Anchor points are spaced on a 1.5-m grid along the floor and walls. Each anchor point can resist 1.33 MN tension force and 2.22 MN shear force. Additional steel framing is used in combination with the strong floor and reaction walls to create a wide variety of test configurations. A 178-kN capacity overhead crane services the test area and an adjacent fabrication area. Additional smaller cranes with capacities of 45-kN and 27-kN also serve this area. The hydraulic system, combined with the dynamic actuators and a real-time digital servo-control system, enables real-time strong ground motion effects; sustainable for up to 30 seconds. The facility also supports multi-site pseudo-dynamic hybrid testing.