Small Group Research Planning Workshop

The NHERI Lehigh Experimental Facility is accepting requests from faculty who are perspective users of the facility to attend a Small Group Research Planning Workshop. Each workshop can take place throughout the year at the NEHRI Lehigh Experimental Facility. It is also possible to arrange a virtual workshop.

Each workshop is a one day event designed for individual researchers and small groups of 2 to 3 individuals. The purpose of each workshop is to assist perspective facility users in determining the best way to engage with the NHERI Lehigh Experimental Facility while developing NSF proposals. The focus of the workshops is to:

  1. Assist perspective users to develop the experimental portion of their NSF proposal;
  2. Provide researchers with information on the capabilities of the NHERI Lehigh Experimental Facility and how they can be utilized to advance natural hazard engineering research that is complemented with hands-on activities;
  3. Conduct a tour of the facility and view the types of testing (e.g., hybrid simulation, quasi-static testing, dynamic testing, multi-directional shake table and shake table-hybrid simulation testing) that can be performed using the large scale multi-directional natural hazards simulation resources and the Real-time Cyber-Physical Structural Systems Testing Laboratory and its multi-directional shake table;
  4. Discuss the NHERI Science Plan and recent advancements achieved by the NHERI Lehigh Experimental Facility in experimental and numerical simulation;
  5. Assist perspective users to explore opportunities to utilize the NHERI Lehigh Experimental Facility for NSF projects, including but not limited to natural hazards engineering projects in wind, earthquakes, or storm surge that focus on response modification devices (e.g., passive dampers, smart semi-active dampers, isolation systems), innovative structural systems (e.g., self-centering systems); effects of soil-foundation-structural interaction; static or dynamic characterization testing of components, sub-assemblages, and systems for computational model development and validation; and structural health monitoring.

Small Group Research Planning Workshop Scheduling Request

There is no registration fee. Financial support is limited. Please provide the information requested below. The NHERI Lehigh Experimental Facility staff will contact you upon receiving your request to schedule a workshop.

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